Tips For Online Casino Players

Online casinos have their own specifics, and it, of course, should be taken into account when playing. Not everything that is suitable in the case of conventional land-based casinos will be able to help in the case of online casinos.

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General Provisions Regarding Virtual Internet Casinos


Of course, all of the following is dictated by ordinary common sense, but at the same time, many players for some reason ignore these points.


* Study the rules (T&C) of each new online casino for you before playing. And even if this is a casino that is already familiar to you, it will still not be superfluous to check the latest changes in the rules.


* Use online casino bonuses to the maximum. The main advantage of online casinos is these “free money” – bonuses, so why give up them? As long as you play with bonuses, you have an advantage over online casinos. If you play without bonuses, the casino has an edge over you.


* If you want not only to enjoy the game, but also to win … or, if you don’t want to win, then get the most fun and playing time for your money – learn the basic strategies for your favorite casino games!


* Play only in well-established victory 996 online casino. If the casino site does not inspire confidence in you, and even more so if it does not even have contact information, just forget about this “online under-casino”!


Common misconceptions about online casinos


I confess that I myself have sometimes been a victim of some of these mistakes. However, only beginners are most susceptible to such delusions. With experience, a general picture is built in my head, which no longer allows a professional player to make these stupid mistakes.


* Superstitions in Internet casinos have no place! Your success is determined only by math and your playing skills. Everything else is shamanism, which does not have the right to be taken seriously.


* The success of a casino game baccarat online depends on your current emotional state. That is, if you are in a bad mood, you will lose. I can assure you that this is complete nonsense. Although I myself (at the very beginning of my Internet career) suffered the most from this delusion.


* A special case is the “game of the senses”. “Playing on a Sense” – 10 times out of 10 will lead you to much worse results than playing on a predefined basic strategy. Do not be tempted by the persuasion of a panicked mind that unusual conditions require unusual measures.


* Take, for example, the so-called “loosing streak” – long streaks of continuous failure. A very recent example from my own practice – recently at Blackjack in Goldfish I got a streak of 10 losing hands in a row. Does this mean that the casino is playing unfairly? In my opinion, no!


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“NOT” for online casino players


1. Do not play with the money that you should receive in the near future, but have NOT received it yet. Anything happens in life, and according to the law of meanness, it often happens that something changes and is far from being for the better for you.


Playing only with funds that you can easily afford to lose is the most important rule of any player.


2. The next point has something in common with the previous one. Do not spend and do not count on the money that you have already won at the casino, but have not yet received at your disposal. All people have weaknesses, and if you do not have 100% iron discipline, then there is a small but chance that you will not see this money – just decide to play a little more and … such a decision can be fatal;). From my own experience, my dear readers, this is a very important rule!


3. Do not play in the online casino after ordering your winnings in it for withdrawal. This is a very good rule of thumb to follow. And the point here is not at all that the casino can tweak something in your game in order to prevent you from withdrawing money. The fact is that in online casinos the most important for you are:


1. Money

2. Winnings

3. Satisfaction


And what happens if you suddenly suddenly drop all your winnings? You will lose not only money, you will lose all three main acquisitions, for which you played in the Internet casino!


From the point of view of mathematics, there is no difference, for example, between your hands in Blackjack, whether they are made a couple of hours after ordering your winnings for withdrawal, or a month after a new deposit at the casino.


However, for you personally, this difference exists, and it is very significant. I think it will be much more pleasant to leave as a winner now, and then enjoy your winnings for a month, than to regret losing the same month, in case it happens.


4. According to eCOGRA, those who have a habit of winning back lose more than others in casinos. So, my advice to you is – do not chase loss right here and now. Remember that the more you play, the more the casino will ultimately earn (unless you are a bonus hunter, of course!).


Why, after losing $ 100, play for another $ 200, and then for $ 500? Wait a day or two, calm down, the casino is not going anywhere from you! Try your hand at another online casino, because in fact, there is no difference where and when you play, as long as you choose reliable and proven online casinos, and preferably with big bonuses;).


5. Do not chase round numbers and winnings. So what if you won $ 497 instead of the desired $ 500? Plus or minus 5 bucks won’t make any difference in your life. If you have already reached approximately the desired winnings – just take it! No need to grind sums to the most beautiful and round values. If you only knew how many big wins I missed because of such a pursuit of the “round number”! Don’t repeat the mistakes of others, just take your money.


6. And finally, perhaps the most important point: Don’t ignore western casinos! Moreover, the largest and most respectable of them – for example, InterCasino. On RuNet, online casinos are presented rather mediocre. They simply cannot offer that extravaganza of lucrative bonuses that you can always find in the western segment. Not playing in western online casinos, you simply miss out on the lion’s share of your potential income …